Best Epic Games Jobs

In December 2018, Epic Games, the developer of the Unreal game engine and the Fortnite shooter, launched its own game store, the Epic Games Store. Consequently, there appeared numerous epic games jobs. The project quickly acquired a list of exclusive games but caused a mixed reaction in the gaming environment. The Polygon edition has collected 4 explanations that the main competitor Steam was met with such criticism.

Theory number 1: Epic Games keeps private data

Amateur researchers have discovered strange behavior in the Epic Games Store app. For example, a client generates a tracking.js file and collects personal information. According to Epic VP Daniel Vogel, this data is only used to pay royalties to content creators. This functionality has been in the Unreal engine for years.
The company also depicts local Cloud library records without charging for user permission. When the issue was raised on Reddit, Tim Sweeney himself came into the discussion. He said that only Epic receives data with the permission of users, but agreed that such a practice is inappropriate.
Sweeney said that this behavior of the launcher is his fault. He insisted on accelerated development and support for social features, which prevented the developers from getting time to fix the mechanics. Epic Games is already working to opt-out of this data collection.

Theory number 2: Epic Games Store has less highlights

This is not even a theory, but a real fact. Epic itself admits that the store is under active work and many features are still lacking. Here’s a shortlist:
• Cloud saving.
• Different profiles for one account.
• User reviews.
• Forums.
• Family accounts.
• Streaming games to other devices over the network.
Epic has launched a public Trello board with a roadmap for store development. But users are not occupied in expecting – they are also not involved in the developers’ benefit. Games cost the same, but the store still has fewer functions and does not give discounts for it.
From this position, it is easy to understand the cause of the indignation. For what reason are clients being compelled to buy games? Why are their hands tied for exclusives? For what reason wouldn’t they be able to get the game on a further developed stage? Since Epic and its colleagues chose so.
Polygon sums up that the unspoken message to the company is to spend all your energy in the coming many months on improving the client experience. Because besides competition, capitalism is defined by another phenomenon: choice. People decide with their wallets. And if they get tired of it all, they won’t pay Epic. This means that they will not try the games that they so wanted to go through.
Polygon writes that exclusives have been a part of the gaming industry since its inception, but are more common in the world of consoles. Now they have come to the PC environment. Actually, the opposition is useful for users. But right now it is annoying to many – companies are fighting for market share, not for the best product.