Avast Anti-tracking System Actually Exposed Users

Avast has launched avast antitrack premium on the market for a user account and privacy control on the Internet. AntiTrack Premium ensures transparency and eliminates following ads, provides users the ability to protect their digital traces and clear browser history. The product consists of two components: the standalone AntiTrack web service, which provides general data privacy status, and additional browser extensions.
With these additions, users can proceed to use the browser with enhanced privacy. PC configuration and browser settings are individual to each user. Every person leaves a digital footprint on the Internet, which allows websites to easily identify a user from the crowd.

Avast introduces Security Pro and Cleanup Pro for Mac

Avast has released updated versions of Security Pro and Cleanup Pro 2018 that are specifically designed to address the latest security and performance issues for Mac users. Avast’s Security Pro solution provides its users with two key protection features – Ransomware Shield and Wi-Fi Inspector.
Ransomware Shield blocks unknown variants of ransomware viruses and any dangerous applications that can block access to some files, change or delete protected photos or other user data. The Wi-Fi Inspector function helps to strengthen the protection of networks – it examines them for weak router passwords and other vulnerabilities and also notifies users when a new device is connected to the network. With Avast’s Security Pro and Cleanup Pro, Mac users will be able to stay safe and keep their computers performing despite the growing number of cyber threats.

Avast Business solutions for small and medium businesses

With the integration of threat detection technologies and infrastructure since the purchase of Avast, the new, pooled portfolio provides the strongest security protection for small and medium-sized businesses. It ensures security continuity by reducing downtime and performance losses from attacks ransomware viruses and other security threats.
Currently, advanced antivirus and privacy features are available at three levels of protection for endpoint devices. The Avast Business portfolio of business solutions includes three levels of endpoint protection for Windows and Mac operating systems with an optional management console available in the cloud or on-premises, as well as Managed Workplace and CloudCare applications.

Updating flagship product – Avast Antivirus Nitro

Avast Software has introduced a new version of its flagship product – Avast Antivirus Nitro. The new anti-threat technology moves some of the software processes associated with detecting and analyzing malicious code to the cloud, making the antivirus more lightweight and faster. Avast Antivirus Nitro Update also increases computer performance, speed of work, system boot, while providing protection against all types of malware.
With the new version of Avast Antivirus, the computer boots on average 11% faster. In addition, the download of the antivirus has become faster due to the smaller program size, and the security analysis in the “cloud” frees up the processing power of the processor for solving other tasks.